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Alteo ASBL

Altéo asbl is a Belgian non-profit organization of sick, disabled and valid people, whose mission is to integrate these people into society. Altéo has 10,000 members and is part of the “National Alliance of Christian Mutuality’s” (ANMC = health & care insurance), the first mutuality of the country with more than 4 million members.

Altéo develops different activities to achieve its mission:

  1. policy advocacy to improve the rights and conditions of the sick and disabled people;
  2. the development of artistic, cultural and associative activities allowing sick and disabled people better integration in society;
  3. development of elderly assistance and support services to the sick, disabled and isolated people to allow them to remain at home, to get them out of their isolation, to develop and maintain quality relationships for a better integration in the society by providing practical help to families and caregivers in terms of respite and support.

In practical terms this means:

  1. the establishment of holidays for sick, disabled , isolated and elderly people;
  2. development aid and support to people at home by providing support and assistance to families and caregivers activities.

These activities are supervised by trained volunteers by Altéo in order to make them able to supervise this kind of activities.

Our work is conducted in close collaboration with the “aid and home care” services of the ANMC, with its “seniors’ movement” Enéo and with public and private partners across the territory of the French Community of Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels).