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Benchmark Survey on the relation between formal and informal care in seven European Regions – synthesis report now available!

Between the months of January and April 2014, International Partners of the project “ACT!” conducted a survey with a view to comparing legislative and policy frameworks relating to home-care and assistance, identifying existing good practices and investigating the relations between informal carers, care professionals and the cared for person. Nearly 200 carers – both formal and informal – were interviews across seven European Regions. The benchmark survey was designed by German Partners ISIS - Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur, and its outcomes were analysed and presented in a synthesis report, now available for consultation. What emerged from the survey is that, despite considerable differences across surveyed regions in terms of legislative and policy infrastructure, as well as level of public recognition of informal care as a major contribution to public welfare, services and support measures targeting informal carers do exist in all territories represented in the study, even though such instances may often not be sufficiently promoted and disseminated among the target population. As far as the relation between formal and informal – as well as professional and non-professional – care, the survey highlighted many interesting aspects common to all regions of references.

The synthesis presentation

Full report