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Pilot Training in Germany

In the training facilities of the home care service Arebo in Weilburg a lively exchange between different carers takes place.

Left: Trainer Bettina Bredereck
compiles the bases of Active
Listening together with the
participants of the training;
below: The participants
experience the mean aspects
of nonverbal communication
during a practical exercise.


Frankfurt/M. After several different kinds of carers have already evaluated a training offer named ‘better communication with people suffering from dementia’ that took place in Dreieich, a town south of Frankfurt, the German project partner ISIS is now testing training measures developed by the partners of the project ACT! in Weilburg in cooperation with the home care service Arebo. The training is divided into four training sessions and contains different practical exercises as well as round table discussions and brief presentations. Fortunately, ISIS has found a competent and empathic trainer, Bettina Bredereck, who is running these offers. The participants have already learned about the different situations and perspectives of all persons involved in home care, about potential risks to their health and strategies of health promotion and about how to facilitate communication with each other as well as with people in need of care. The professional caregivers and family carers who participate in the trainings are very receptive to the opportunity of mutual exchange and expert advice in a very pleasant atmosphere and contribute a lot of their own experiences and knowledge. This lively exchange will also be experienced during the last training session that will be realized next Saturday.