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Pilot Training in Spain

Aviles Local Government, Spanish partner in the Project called “Acting for Dependent” has developed a workshop named: “Training for caregivers of dependent family”. This training has been held in one of the basic areas within the Department of Social Services belonging to Aviles Local Government with the aim of providing the knowledge, collaboration and the co-work both from the caregivers as well as from the professionals linked to a particular area.

The training has taken place from April to July 2015 with the participation of several Local Government Services as well as the Asturias Health Government Services.

There have been 8 weekly sessions lasting for 2 hours each of them. 18 caregivers and 7 professionals from different areas have participated.

The material has been the following:
– The agreed ones contained in Kit2, among them:.

– CARE (the role of caregiver, implications, tasks, needs, different forms of care)
– CARE AND HELP RELATIONS ( the relationship of the primary caregiver and the dependent person and the rest of the family, family conflicts, distribution of responsibilities and roles, relationships with professionals and volunteers)
– BETTER COMUNICATION WITH FAMILY (Skills to improve communication)
– FAMILY CAREGIVER AND PREVENTION OF THEIR HEALTH (Personal implications of caring a dependent person, the importance of self-care, learn to delegate and seek support. Time management and increase leisure time)
– MANAGING EMOTIONS AND STRESS REDUCTION: become aware of our thoughts, feelings and stress and learning techniques to manage them

– Apart from other complementary material like:

– BASIC HEALTH CARE TECHNIQUES: Mobilization, Nutrition, Cures
– RESOURCES: Knowledge of Social, economics and health resources.
– FINAL STAGE OF THE DEPENDENT PERSON: Legal aspects and emotions about the bereravement

Besides the high satisfaction level showed by the participants, the approach as well as improved relationships among the professionals and caregivers has been very positively assessed. Also, social support networks have been implemented, achievement that we will consolidate and will keep on supporting.