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SCF – Scuola Centrale Formazione

SCF is a National Association of training institutions and organizations recognized by the Ministry of Labour under Law n.40 of 1987. It promotes projects and research activities in collaboration with its associates and in partnership with national and international organizations, with the aim of promoting and enhancing human resources, especially of young persons, through the acquisition of professional skills, promotion of citizenship rights and the fight against every kind of social exclusion.

In practice, SCF designs, implements and supports initiatives which are able to produce an added value for the core activities of its associates within the spheres of training and social inclusion. These range from facilitating the transfer of methodological innovations, promoting the professional development of trainers and operators, designing and sharing models of reference in the area of activity management and training curricula, providing an access point and a relay function between the local, the national and the international level, thus allowing its associates – whose activities are deeply rooted at the level of their territory – to be connected and relate with a broader reality.