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Supporting informal carers in Carvin, a territorial ambition!

Carvin has inaugurated october 2015 a new integrated territorial service dedicated to supporting informal carers : « house of carers ». Impulsed and managed by Pas de Calais County council, legal authority competent with policy for dependant older people, together with the territorial hospital of Henin Carvin, this new equipment will provide various support services targeting informal carers of older people with dementia, offering care, advice and training. Home care service of CCAS Carvin (« Espace services séniors » – ESS) which is leading the ACT ! project will strongly liaise with this new service in order to exploit the results of latter project e.g. providing training to carers and professional in order to increase their mutual comprehension and cooperation. Above all ESS will strive to activate several others opportunities in order to disseminate and sustain ACT training module : replicating the training offer to all of its internal staff members, leading outreach and transfer sessions toward other home care services of the Pas de Calais area, members of professional network « Union nationale de l’aide à domicile » ; follow up of carers meeting session « café des aidants », with support of national network of informal carers. ACT ! project is boosting a dynamics that is now embraced by all local and territorial competent stakeholders and institutions, among which ESS Carvin will strongly stay innovative.

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